The formerly Electro Abrasives is now the Buffalo Division of US. Electrofused Minerals.

This change will make easier for our customers to purchase Brown Fused Aluminas, White Fused Aluminas, Fused Mullites, Fused Spinels, Black and Green Silicon Carbide and Boron Carbide among other products from a single entity.

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from the Curimbaba GroupYour Best Source for Industrial Minerals

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U.S. Electrofused Minerals, Inc., (established in 1982) is part of the Curimbaba Group. The Curimbaba Group is one of the largest producers and distributors of fused oxides in the world.

As representative of Elfusa in the US market, USEM not only distribute Elfusa┬┤s products but also manufacture industrial minerals grains and powders. USEM is specialized in brown, white and pink fused aluminum oxides, black and green silicon carbides, sintered and activated bauxites. Our portfolio of industrial minerals includes fused mullite, magnesia alumina spinel, calcium aluminate cements, and other fused and sintered materials.

From the coarsest grits to the finest powders, our rigid adherence to ANSI, FEPA, ISO, JIS, and customer specific standards is assured. Our high density abrasives provide you with greater performance and longer life

We are proud to offer products produced through our sister companies Elfusa Sublime Technologies, which are ISO 9001 Certified.